Better light and energy savings

When it comes to lighting urban spaces, traditional issues such as safety and aesthetics are being sidelined by more pressing economic and ecological concerns, e.g. energy efficiency and sustainability.

The Philips CitySpirit lighting family has these issues at its core. With the CitySpirit LED, this lighting family can now welcome a new member that uses a highly innovative solution based on LED technology. It combines environmentally-friendly, long-life technology with contemporary design and uses around 72% less energy than a system with 80 Watt mercury vapour lamps. The white, anti-glare light is very natural and increases the appeal of the urban environment with its excellent colour rendering properties. The new LED light is the perfect replacement for mushroom lighting units.

Philips is opening a new chapter in sustainable urban lighting and white light with the CitySpirit LED. Its Constant Light Output (CLO) electronic control, integrated into the light, is unique. It ensures that the light output is maintained at a constant level during the 50,000 hour service life of the lamp and that the light output is always at par with the required level.

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