Better by design

There is a lot in the news at the moment about products which are imported from China – and it generally isn’t good news, which makes us more than a little suspicious of any company claiming to be doing it well.

One exception to this rather sweeping statement is Megaman who not only have their own manufacturing plant, but they can also boast every environmental accreditation that you can think of, and they produce lamps which have the ability to save customers a fortune in reduced energy usage.

Who are they?

Since the company formed in 1994, Megaman has established itself as a respected German brand making it one of the top three brands in the industry. They have also positioned themselves as a leading brand in energy saving lamps and an innovative leader in lamp design and the associated technology.

These may sound like the type of credentials that most companies are throwing around at the moment but with Megaman the claims are actually true and a trip to their factory in Xiamen, China will only further cement these facts.

Lisheng Electronic & Lighting (Xiamen) Ltd is a world class manufacturing plant equipped with state of the art production lines and it is here that Megaman produces their low energy lamps.

For a lot of people, a manufacturing plant in China will conjure up images of an outdated plant with 60’s style working practices but the Megaman factory could not be further away from this. The 330,000m² manufacturing and recycling plant is home to the most advanced assembly lines, technical and safety laboratories and life-test rooms. Over 70% of their production lines are automated and the meticulous quality control is second to none. The factory also boasts a wealth of accreditations which include ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

John Murphy of Megaman says: “As a leading manufacturer of energy saving lamps it is important that all of our production facilities live up to the claims of the Megaman brand. It is no good claiming to save customers money in reduced energy usage if our manufacturing plants are not as efficient as the products that we produce. We therefore work harder than ever to ensure that plants like the one in Xiamen produce our products in the most efficient way possible.”

Cutting edge technology

The lamp market has seen something of a product revolution over the last few years with manufacturers fighting to bring to market the smallest lamps which use the least energy. Megaman have been at the forefront of this technology with innovations like the DorS Dimming Series which was introduced in 2005 with the DorS Dimming Lamps, that can change the ambience of a room at the flick of a switch, and Booster Technology which was introduced in 2006.

All of these innovations have been the result of extensive research and development which is the key to the success of the Megaman brand. John says: “Megaman is driven by the idea of improving existing low energy bulbs and applications and through continuous research and development we are able to come up with new ideas and inventions that will bring a completely new lighting experience to our customers.

“Our customers are continually trying to reduce their energy usage. As a respected manufacturer it is our job to ensure that they have a full range of products to choose from which are tested to the highest standards and will perform in the way that our customers expect them to.”

Part of this process involves working closely with Fozz Lighting whose products are designed and manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

Using the lastest technology Fozz produces a huge range of professional and home fittings which include downlights, spotlights, table lamps, suspension systems and outdoor lighting – all of which are fitted with the latest Megaman cutting edge energy saving lamps.

John says: “We work with Fozz because they have the same company ethics which we are so proud of at Megaman. This partnership enables us to showcase our products in the best possible way ensuring that our customers will get high lighting performance and superior long-lasting operating life in a fitting which is truly representative of both brands.”

The green agenda

Megaman, like many other manufacturers, has completely embraced the green agenda and once again their factory in Xiamen is a showcase for the way that they do business.

At the heart of the operation is a lamp tube recycling facility which has a mercury recovery rate of 15kg per year. They also have a treatment facility for wastewater which has a processing capacity of 1,800 tonnes of industrial wastewater and 3,750 tonnes of domestic wastewater per month.

But creating a better environment goes one step further and the setting of clear environmental objectives means that Megaman are able to regularly monitor their internal conservation programmes. They also boast the fact that they renew and recycle materials wherever possible to minimise the use of scarce resources (all of their plastic components are recyclable) and their lamps have a mercury content of less than 3mg which is an industry first.

John says: “We have worked extremely hard to ensure that our working practices are environmentally friendly and that every member of staff not only adheres to the policies we implement – but that they also believe in them.

“We have made changes throughout our factory to ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect the environment and this includes the use of an innovative snap-in assembly process and water-based adhesive techniques for easy dismantling to comply with the recycling process. We also utilise our own glass recycling factory, exhaust gas and mercury recovery treatment plant and water treatment plant to treat and recycle all used light bulbs.

“We are serious about the environment and our production facility in Xiamen is proof of that, but I am also proud to say that every member of staff is behind our environmental policy which means that we are able to substantiate the claims which we make about our green credentials.”

And finally

In recent years there has been a lot of suspicion about products which are imported from China but I am happy to say that Megaman is above that line of suspicion. They not only have a state of the art production facility – they also have the recycling facilities which prove that they are serious about the environment.

Since the company formed in 1994, the name Megaman has been synonymous with energy efficiency and over the years the innovation which we have seen in their products has proved this to be correct. The fact that they roll out their green credentials throughout their entire operation just goes to show that it can be done and that with time, effort and plenty of research and development it is possible for us all to do our bit for the environment.

If we consider everything that the production facility in Xiamen achieves, I am not surprised by the new, innovative products which Megaman produces and we should therefore applaud their achievements both in product development and environmental awareness.

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