Better by design: 21 Reliable Controls products declared RoHS 3 compliant

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce compliance with the EU RoHS 3 Directive. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances and restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products.

The following Reliable Controls products are certified compliant with RoHS 3:

  • MACH-Pro1™
  • MACH-Pro2™
  • MACH-ProAir™
  • MACH-ProCom™
  • MACH-ProPoint™
  • MACH-ProLight™
  • MACH-ProSys™
  • MACH-ProView™
  • MACH-ProView LCD™
  • MACH-ProView LCD with Router™
  • MACH-ProView with Router™
  • MACH-ProView LCD Operator Display™
  • MACH-ProView LCD Operator Display with Router™
  • MACH-ProWebCom™
  • MACH-ProWebSys™
  • MACH-ProZone™
  • SMART-Net Relay™
  • SMART-Net Relay 20A
  • SMART-Sensor™
  • SMART-Sensor EPD
  • SPACE-Sensor™ Temperature

“Our philosophy is to sustainably source raw materials and manufacture products that minimise both our impact on the environment and the environmental footprint of buildings around the world,” says Vince Palmer, VP Operations at Reliable Controls.

EU RoHS 3 specifies maximum allowable levels of 10 restricted substances in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic devices to limit their spread in the environment as pollutants and reduce occupational exposure during manufacturing and recycling. Reliable Controls also follows the WEEE Directive, which sets targets for the design of electronics products with safe recycling and recovery in mind. This commitment to sustainable manufacturing is part of what makes Reliable Controls products truly better by design.

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