Best of both worlds

Marking a huge step forward for digital lighting technology, Helvar, is launching the 920 Router.  The 920 seamlessly integrates commercial and architectural lighting systems and resolves the problems faced by lighting designers looking to combine energy efficient lighting design with striking displays of powerful scene-setting capability.

As Peter van der Kolk, Lighting Systems Manager at Helvar explains, it is the extended functionality of the 920 that brings lighting control into new realms: “Because of the Ethernet backbone, communication is possible with third party peripherals, such as Building Management Systems (BMS), touch panels and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.  Although Helvar is a lighting systems manufacturer, the 920 allows us to provide possibilities for integration beyond lighting control – adding a much greater value for specifiers looking to provide comprehensive and efficient building controls.”

To date, Helvar’s controls portfolio has comprised two product ranges – the more commercially focused DIGIDIM, based on the DALI standard, and Imagine, a primarily architectural orientated product range.  The 920 converges the two areas, offering lighting designers unlimited potential in the application of lighting control.

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