BEST helps raise standards

BEST has formed an innovative partnership with private training facility The Plumbing Academy, in Kent, to establish a new delivery scheme for heating and plumbing apprentices in the South East.
BEST has secured regional funding that will support 35 learners of all ages to take up programmes at The Plumbing Academy with immediate effect – further numbers are planned for later this year. The collaboration will create a superior learning environment, appropriately structured programmes, and promote high levels of achievement for the heating and plumbing industry.
Mark Brenner, Chief Executive of BEST, commented: “We are delighted to be working with The Plumbing Academy to deliver this innovative training model. This partnership combines a state-of-the-art Level 3 plumbing training centre with the BEST apprenticeship scheme that will enable employers to up-skill their workforce in a motivating, focused atmosphere. Through this partnership we can deliver full apprenticeship frameworks that will see learners achieve high standards at a pace and a time to match their individual needs.”
Steven Edwards, Chief Executive of The Plumbing Academy, said: “Our partnership with BEST is another stamp of approval on our reputation for providing first class training. We have proven that the Academy’s blueprint for delivering training is highly successful, and we now look forward to welcoming BEST apprentices to our student mix of young adults, mature career changers, and school leavers.”

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