BESCA bites back

A spokesperson for BESCA, the competent persons self-certification scheme for commercial and domestic HVACR work, has responded to calls for the Government office responsible for the Building Regulations to cap further scheme applications to reduce confusion in the industry.

Bill Belshaw, BESCA’s Chairman, said: “There are now five self-certification schemes in the domestic sector, most of which are single fuel source schemes with confusing implications for businesses wishing to notify their work to local authorities. Although each scheme has its own area of expertise, it is in danger of becoming too complex, as well as costly for the industry. Additionally, the information given in Schedule 2A of the regulations is confusing and open to misinterpretation. This will lead to further problems, so consideration should be given to capping applications for further schemes until these problems are sorted out.”

He continued: “However, unlike the confused domestic market, BESCA is the only self-certification scheme covering commercial HVACR work under Part L. BESCA provides one central avenue through which businesses can notify their work under the building regulations, so there is no confusion in the commercial sector.”

In response to claims from the IDHEE that some competent persons schemes could be seen as ‘a licence to print money’, Bill said: “The industry and government expect scheme operators to take their responsibilities seriously. BESCA is a transparent, accountable scheme committed to providing a service to the highest standards. We will be pumping revenue generated into the scheme for the benefit of users, the industry and the environment, arranging associated training courses, lowering cost and raising awareness to ensure that the sector is up to speed with the benefits of self-certification.”

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