Belimo Room Sensors and Room Operating Units – the foundation of comfort

For measuring room temperature, humidity and air quality, as well as for specifying a room temperature setpoint, the new room sensors and room operating units are the perfect addition to Belimo’s existing sensor range. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, the Belimo room units impress the architect with their aesthetic, timeless design with shallow depth between 13 and 22mm. Belimo offers the installer, quick installation, the system integrator, easy commissioning by a smartphone and the end customer, a comfortable room climate. The Belimo room units can be seamlessly integrated into existing controllers from third-party manufacturers. The room units feature quick, tool-free mounting, as well as high long-term stability and short reaction times. The Belimo Assistant App also guarantees simple commissioning of the active room sensors and diagnostics via smartphone. Thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) parametrisation is possible even when the room sensor is not connected to the power supply.


The active and passive room units are suitable, for example, in the following room applications:

  • Demand-controlled VAV
  • Heated/chilled ceiling
  • Radiator or underfloor heating


  • Aesthetic, timeless design
  • Fast, tool-less installation thanks to spring-loaded terminal blocks
  • Short response time, the sensor reacts extremely quickly to changes in temperature
  • Digital input, enables the connection of an external device
  • Reverse polarity protection, ensures full protection of the electronics in case of incorrect wiring
  • High accuracy, precise measuring method and low wall coupling factor, reliably ensure a comfortable room climate

Product Series

  • Passive room sensors
  • Passive room operating units
  • Active & NFC room sensors

The new room units were developed at the headquarters of Belimo Automation AG in Hinwil, Switzerland. They are maintenance-free and ensure optimal room comfort over the entire product life cycle. The entire range of room units is guaranteed for 5 years.

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