Beckhoff and TR Controls to demonstrate collaborative approach at EMEX 2019

At EMEX 2019 Beckhoff Automation will be teaming up with integration partner TR Control Solutions to demonstrate how Beckhoff’s PC-based control systems, coupled with TR Controls’ award-winning ecoDriver BEMS and IoT software, can control and optimise building services whilst minimising energy and water consumption, providing essential performance transparency and direct feedback about the comfort of building occupants.

Beckhoff’s open approach to connectivity and networking enables the extraction of valuable – but often unused – data from existing BEMS hardware and, using IoT technologies, passes it in real-time to ecoDriver’s cloud-based platform to provide centralised management and optimisation of buildings wherever they might be located.

Using wireless energy-harvesting EnOcean sensors, additional measurement devices can be easily added without disruption or modification to existing control hardware in order to improve data quality and allow accurate environmental monitoring and control at a room-by-room level.

In a recent application, Beckhoff automation hardware was utilised as part of an open source system built by TR Control Solutions. Designed to combat steadily rising energy bills and inefficient heating, the new system resulted in a substantial 32% drop in gas consumption when measured against the same period a year earlier, securing a return on investment (ROI) in just six months. The data collected by TR Control Solutions will also ensure there is systematic analysis of consumption so that savings can be maintained on a long-term basis.

Beckhoff will also be demonstrating how lighting control and automated emergency lighting testing can be incorporated into the same system with Beckhoff’s connectivity options to DALI/DALI2, KNX, DMX and EnOcean, allowing ecoDriver to optimise electrical energy too, whilst converging all building data into a single view.


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