Because they’re worth it!

Stunning aesthetics combined with inherent sustainability credentials have led to a selection of Collingwood Lighting’s LEDs being specified within the prestigious Cutting Room Creative Salon in Leeds, a newly built development which houses a L’Oreal training academy.

Campbell Hearn Design worked in conjunction with Black Moon Lighting to specify a selection of LEDs from Collingwood, including its LL090, which comprise unique colour changing capabilities.

“A dynamic colour change facility was essential in facilitating an entirely flexible interior design concept,” comments Charlie Hearn, Design Consultant for Campbell Hearn Design. “In addition the lighting source had to contribute positively to our aim of achieving as low a carbon footprint as possible.” While typical halogen lamps need replacing between 3-4 times a year, Collingwood’s LEDs offer an exceptionally long life and will only need to be changed once every twenty years. Not only will this save costs in replacement lamps, it will also dramatically reduce maintenance requirements.

Collingwood’s LL090 colour options can overhaul the mood of any interior with the flick of a button, and has been specified as task lighting at the salon’s cutting stations, as well as illuminating a chill out area. The luminaires compact 50mm size meant that three individual LL090’s could be installed above each cutting station, providing a superior light source with a punchy RGB or white output. To stay in keeping with the academy’s contemporary interior design concept, Black Moon designed a series of suspended black beams, which house essential lighting components including the LL090.

In order to highlight the numerous beauty products and appliances The Cutting Room offers, Black Moon Lighting selected Collingwood’s LED LYTE, a high-powered mini LED. Specified in cool white, the LED LYTE comprises a plug and play system, meaning it can be installed within minutes. The miniature LED is ideal for display cabinet areas, offering a beam angle of 110 degrees, ensuring the products are showcased from every direction.

Finally, to enhance individual feature walls, Collingwood’s MC020 mini up/down LED was used to create a striking visual effect, both above and below the luminaire, in a number of primary colourways.

Karen Dodds at The Cutting Room comments: “The LED’s Collingwood supplied have really helped to enhance the overall visual environment of the salon.”

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