BEAMA shows the way forward

BEAMA has launched its newest initiative, the BEAMA Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project which brings together organisations with a major interest in developing the charging infrastructure in the UK.

BEAMA’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Howard Porter said: “This project is a sign that BEAMA members are committed to helping the Government achieve its low carbon transport targets. Notably, by helping to develop the standards regime and infrastructure rollout that will signal a shift in the way we power our road vehicles to 2050 and beyond.

“Initiatives are being developed which will facilitate the EV sector by identifying market and technical barriers, and evolving product and system standards solutions. With the expectation for 1.5 million plug-in vehicles by 2020, BEAMA is focusing on the increasingly important topic of electric vehicles, working with: the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), other Government departments, vehicle manufacturers, utilities and the IT industry to create an effective infrastructure.”

The launch was supported by OLEV and a spokesperson welcomed the BEAMA Infrastructure Project initiative saying: “The EV infrastructure component market represents a potentially significant economic opportunity. We are pleased to see that BEAMA is taking the lead in exploring what this represents for UK companies.”

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