BEAMA creates alliance

In an initiative to drive further awareness of the end-user benefits – and encourage the installation – of smart metering technology, BEAMA (the British electrotechnical manufacturing body) has launched the European Smart Metering Alliance (ESMA).
The Alliance is a project aiming to define, and spread, best practice in smart metering across all European Member States.

The project is part-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme and seeks to maximise the environmental benefits of Article 13 of the Energy End Use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive (ESD).

“By 2008, all European Member States have to implement the ESD, which requires customers to be given more information on their energy usage, and receive more timely and accurate billing,” says BEAMA’s Alliance project leader John Parsons.

“Through the Alliance, we’re once again at the forefront of developing the case for smart meter technology, and taking the initiative.”

Smart metering is a complex proposition that brings together increased customer information with automated meter reading and management. It also enables the utility sector to upgrade its systems and equipment while simultaneously delivering substantial energy savings to the European Community.

€0.65m project funding from the IEE programme has been awarded to establish ESMA. With 14 participants from 11 countries, the project will run from December 2006 for three years. The main task is to produce major reports on smart metering and develop a Smart Metering Application Guide.

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