Beam cuts energy use

Trox UK has launched a high induction chilled beam engine that offers an induction rate twice that of conventional beams.
This enables the building services designer either to double the output (or cooling power) of the beam or halve the primary air volume, which saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint of the building.

It also means smaller ducting can be installed, saving on material costs and increasing siting flexibility.

Trox traditional multi-service chilled beams (MSCBs) incorporate a beam engine containing downward-pointing plastic nozzles that blast primary air out across the ceiling. In so doing, they induce secondary air into the unit which passes over coils before moving down and out through the unit. These beam engines have an induction rate of about 4:1. (Induction rate is a measure of the ability of primary air to entrain secondary air. So an induction rate of four to one means the primary air induces four times as much secondary air. For example, if you had 50l/s of primary air, you would induce 200l/s of secondary air making a total of 250l/s).

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