Award winning design

Noral’s Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence-winning O.Disk luminaire is proving popular with architects and developers of piazzas, marinas and recreational facilities in both the public and private sectors, where lighting is seen to be making a major contribution towards the venue’s around-the-clock aesthetics and consumer appeal.   
The new fitting comes in two sizes to ensure that it harmonises with the scale of the surrounding landscape and architecture.   While O.Disk Small is a single pole-top luminaire, standard O.Disk extends the offering to include both single and twin pole-top fittings, and a wall-mounted luminaire.  O.Disk Small extends 637mm from its 2.6-metre high, 60 mm diameter pole, while the standard O.Disk increases this to 972mm on a 4.4-metre high, 108mm diameter pole.  The twin-fitting standard O.Disk spans 2.0 metres, and the wall-mounted fitting extends 1.0 metre from the wall.
As with all Noral luminaires, O.Disk’s stylish design has been achieved without sacrificing build quality or durability, with the least possible impact on the environment and the lowest possible levels of light pollution. 

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