Autolux from Chalmor

The new Autolux Universal Controller from Chalmor is a highly flexible, competitively priced 7-channel controller that provides a combination of timed switching, occupancy and response to changing light levels.
As such, it provides the functionality of a high-end lighting management system for a fraction of the cost – and is much more intuitive for end-users to operate.

Each channel can be used with up to six sensors of various types, such as presence/absence detectors and photocells, controlling multiple functions within a single zone – or multiple zones from a single controller.

Consequently, Autolux provides much more flexibility, functionality and accuracy than crude photocell/time switch arrangements, with more consistent switching and maximum energy savings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Autolux controllers are already delivering significant benefits in car parks, petrol station forecourts, swimming pools, atria and other areas with high levels of natural daylight.

Additional features include a temperature monitoring channel and a panic override to switch all lighting on from a single switch.

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