Audit tool shows benefits

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new piece of specialised software that can help anyone with air conditioning realise the financial and environmental benefits of upgrading old, inefficient equipment.
The new ‘Replace Scheme’ Audit Tool will help owners understand why it makes perfect business sense to replace ageing systems with those that are more efficient and more controllable.   This innovative scheme has been designed to encourage businesses to review their air conditioning systems and see if it really can make financial sense to replace their old equipment, whilst advocating the all round better use of energy.
Hundreds of thousands of premises in the UK use air conditioning that is more than seven to ten years old and whilst this equipment may be performing acceptably, recent advances in air conditioning technology can mean that today’s systems are over 50% more efficient.  As fuel prices escalate day-by-day, this is literally costing businesses money.
Key to the success and ease of use of the software is the unique Audit Tool which has been specifically designed to evaluate the cost and carbon footprint of existing air conditioning, highlighting any inefficiencies when compared to new, more advanced systems.

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