Ataro outshines the rest

Waldmann Lighting has launched the Ataro range of free-standing and desk mounted luminaires that produce a quality of illumination that clearly outshines all its competitors.  

Ataro uses Waldmann’s unique AMBIO technology which provides glare free   illumination with maximum efficiency by using a special polymethylmethacrylate material which provides a high light transmission. The design of the material enables a perfectly balanced surface to provide a uniform all-round glare control. The prism disk surface contains numerous microprisms on the surface which are defined, calculated and moulded by Waldmann’s own computer-aided process. AMBIO has been designed for use with sleek profiled luminaires as the prism only measures 3mm and will not interfere with the overall aesthetics. By using the AMBIO system, the Ataro produces 30% more energy efficiency when compared to conventional solutions.

Manufactured using the highest quality materials, Ataro provides individual, adjustable light levels and the luminaire head can pivot  by +/- 45°, satisfying the varying user needs imperative in today’s office environment.  The easy-to-reach, multi-function control units can easily be connected to switched power sockets and the range can work with integrated light sensors and presence detectors – PULSE HFMD (high-frequency technology) or PULSE PIR (passive infrared technology).

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