ATAG Commercial delivers modern heating to historic Hungerford hotel

ATAG Commercial supplied four floor standing XL-F boilers to the historic Littlecote House Hotel, Hungerford, replacing four antique units as part of a major plant room renovation.

In order to fulfil Littlecote House Hotel’s requirements, three XL210F and one XL180F floor-standing boilers were specified and installed in early 2021; the whole process was undertaken and managed by Fareham-based mechanical & electrical building service engineers, J&B Hopkins Ltd.

The XL-F boiler utilises ‘plug and play’ technology, with the pumps, water non-return valves and flue non-return valves neatly integrated inside, resulting in reduced set-up time and costs.

ATAG Commercial’s new XL-F offers outputs of 70 to 200kW from a single boiler and up to 1.6MW in cascade. There are six XL-F boilers to choose from, available in one Single Heat Exchanger Compact (SEc) and one Single Heat Exchanger (SE) model, as well as two Double Heat Exchanger Compact (DEc) and two Double Heat Exchanger (DE) versions. All Double Heat Exchanger models have the added advantage of built-in backup, with each heat exchanger able to operate independently.

In addition, it is the most compact floor standing unit available from ATAG Commercial (measuring just 1.8m high including the flow and return manifolds, as well as the horizontal flue), with its low water content also making it the lightest. Furthermore, the XL-F flow and return manifolds are positioned at the top of each unit, plus all the pumps, valves and connections can be fully accessed from the front. For projects requiring multiple units, up to four boilers can be installed in-line, while three or four models can also be fitted back-to-back.

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