At the heart of “The Hub”

The “Hub” at Walsall College offered students and the local community a place to eat, play, meet, innovate and learn. Everything you need in one venue.

This £11 million development offered the local students and apprentices a unique opportunity to put their stamp on the scheme by completing placements with the contractor working alongside the project team as construction developed.

Designed to complement the existing facilities, the state-of-the art complex opened in September 2015.

A year on, and the building is fulfilling its promise thanks to a comfortable and relaxed working environment, helped in no small part to valves supplied by Herz valves UK.

Herz demonstrated their ability to fully support the contractor by supplying a complete package of valves which included a range of Isolation valves, Commissioning valves, Differential Pressure Control valves, and a variety of valves for domestic water services applications including Thermostatic Mixing and Thermal Control valves.

In addition, large size valves required for the plant room were also supplied.

All supplied and installed on-time to heat the “heart” of the Hub and to keep the students and community in and around Walsall College warm and refreshed.

For further information, please contact Herz Valves UK on 01483 502211

The famous “heart” symbol of Herz was first taken as a brand name before it finally became part of the company’s image and logo, many years ago.

The symbol is now synonymous with quality valves from a reliable European manufacturer.

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