Assuring the quality of BMS maintenance

With the launch of the IQ Assured Accredited Partner scheme, it is now easy for users of Trend building management systems to find suitably qualified service and maintenance providers. Over recent months Trend has signed partnership agreements with 29 companies, all of which are able to offer the full range of services that make up the IQ Assured support programme. All elements of the latter are also available from Trend’s own service division.
To qualify to become an IQ Assured Accredited Partner a company must not only be a building controls specialist but also an authorised supplier of Trend systems. Most in fact hold Trend Technology Centre status, which means they are regularly audited to ensure they are maintaining defined high standards of workmanship and quality control. All partners have access to Trend’s latest diagnostic tools.

There are three IQ Assured service levels: Essential, Enhanced and Energy. The first of these provides 24hr breakdown cover, remote fault diagnosis/correction, regular integrity checks and data backup. The Enhanced level adds peripheral equipment checking and control loop fine-tuning. The Energy service has the further aim of fully exploiting a Trend system’s considerable energy saving potential, which it does by providing sophisticated monitoring and targeting (from the IQ Assured Bureau), energy audits and control strategy changes. Additional service options include system upgrades and remote alarm monitoring.

Many BMS maintenance contracts do not deliver an adequate level of service and all too often the provider is not a building controls expert. In contrast, Trend and its IQ Assured Partners are able to offer a full range of service options and have the know-how and tools to implement them effectively.

A full list of Accredited Partners can be found at

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