As good as they look

Responding to increasing demand for stylish, high quality HVAC solutions for architectural buildings, Frico has made significant improvements to its Shearflow LP range of stainless steel air curtains.

Incorporating innovative fan technology, low noise, high efficiency double inlet fans are at the heart of a new fan deck that spans the entire length of the unit, unlike most air curtains. This, along with improved heating batteries, has enabled Frico to produce a more compact, streamlined, one-piece casing. The design is also symmetrical, which means it looks just as good from the front as the back.

The new fan system allows greater variety of heat and fan powers, ideal for larger or high exposure doors, especially as lengths range from 1m to 3m in half metre increments. Custom lengths can also be manufactured to special order.

There are a variety of units available, including water heated, electric heated, special coils and ambient, that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The units are prewired to avoid dismantling on site and simply installed using drop rods or accessory brackets.

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