As easy as ABC

Sontay has launched the GS-CO2 product range of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity and monitoring devices.

Offering full Building Schools for the Future (BSF), Building Bulletin 1 (BB1) compliance, the GS-CO2 sensor series combines ease of operation with real-time monitoring and the ability to swiftly adjust ppm CO2 levels.


Featuring an easy to read, three-colour LCD CO2 concentration indicator and alarm, alongside Sontay’s unique ABC continuous calibration algorithm that adjusts the NDIR infrared sensor to accommodate for drift prevalent in other sensor types, the GS-CO2 range delivers instant and accurate control over air quality in the classroom or commercial building through a simple control interface.

“The tri-colour backlit colour display changes based upon concentrations levels allowing for occupant interaction making this device a perfect fit within a classroom environment” comments Alan Braybrook, Sontay’s Sales Director. “In addition to the market requirement drivers behind the product’s design, the GS-CO2 essentially provides a maintenance free monitoring system, with the automatic calibration taking away the need for manual adjustment. Combined with an optional communications interface, the sensors can be connected to the building’s central BMS, for added overall efficiency.”

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