Art Cool from LG

New colours, new finishes and new features and benefits are all part of the LG Art Cool collection for 2007. Art Cool is the ultra-slim, uncluttered and stylish indoor unit which takes cool, clean air conditioning- and winter warmth with the use of heat pump into the realms of the interior design accessory.
Behind the slimline profile and clean lines of Art Cool Wide, Mirror and Standard is what is said to be one of the most efficient, effective and technically advanced air conditioning units.

New finishes range from subdued pastels to natural finishes to striking shades of blue and red and panels for customised pictures which allow contractors, consultants and interior designers far greater freedom than ever before.

LG’s Art Cool has a sleek design which is at home in office developments, restaurants, hotels and city centre apartments or any housing developments.

The units also give a very high level of environmental control for both comfort cooling and heating, when an inverter is employed.

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