Armstrong Fluid Technology launches single phase pumps for light-duty applications

Armstrong has launched a range of Design Envelope Permanent Magnet (DEPM) pumps for light-duty applications using single-phase power (200-230V). The new pump models are available in sizes from 0.25 to 1.5kW and can be installed in either horizontal or vertical piping. Compared to conventional ECM circulators or pumps with loose drives and standard induction motors, Armstrong’s new DEPM pumps provide up to 30% operating cost savings, with increased variable speed efficiency, and the option of real-time performance monitoring and parallel pumping.

A wide range of applications require light-duty recirculation and are connected to single-phase electrical power, including heating and water recirculation systems in commercial and residential buildings, groundwater loops and geothermal systems. The conventional approach for these applications has been to install a low-cost, light-duty circulator. Whilst this meets the application requirements and minimises capital costs for a project, many circulators are not repairable, and are designed for only a few years of operation.

Armstrong’s new DEPM pumps provide a number of valuable advantages. Following the design standard for commercial pumps, they are built to last and can be easily and economically repaired. Design point and setpoints can be adjusted to match on-site conditions, with a quadratic pressure control curve for maximum efficiency in variable speed applications. The pumps also incorporate a constant flow function, for maintaining a precise flow rate in recirculation applications. There is the added option for a 50:50 split of design flow, for redundancy and additional energy savings using embedded Parallel Sensorless Pump Control.

Lastly, the new DEPM range incorporates intelligence and connectivity, for access to the subscription-based Pump Manager service. This service provides cloud-based analytics that support performance optimisation. Users can track pump status and performance from a desktop or mobile device with automatic alert notifications if key parameters are exceeded.



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