Armstrong Fluid Technology at Futurebuild

Armstrong 4300 Series variable speed pumps with built-in inverters, integrated with Armstrong’s IPS 4000 pump controller, installed at the Blackburn Meadows District Heating Scheme in Sheffield

Armstrong Fluid Technology will be promoting advanced-technology solutions for district energy schemes and offsite construction of plantrooms at Futurebuild, 5 – 7 March 2019, Excel, London – Stands E221 and F36.

Technical specialists will also be on hand to demonstrate rapid-payback approaches for energy upgrade projects, exploiting the Performance Management capabilities of the latest generation of Armstrong HVAC pumps.

Armstrong solutions for district energy will take centre stage at this year’s show. Armstrong Fluid Technology has provided pumping solutions for district energy schemes across the UK, including the biomass schemes at Blackburn Meadows, Sheffield, and the Riverside Dene Estate in Newcastle, among others.

Armstrong solutions are purpose-designed to meet the particularly wide range of operating scenarios, and the need for incremental development, which are associated with district energy schemes. BS EN 1090 certificated fully-integrated plantrooms from Armstrong can be permanent or temporary, and allow for scalability as district energy schemes are rolled out over time.

Installed at the heart of the scheme are Armstrong 4300 DE variable speed pumps which respond instantaneously and automatically to changing requirements, adjusting their motor speeds and drawing only the power required to meet the load. As they provide energy efficient operation across a wider operational range than other pumps, they provide flexibility to adapt in the future without the need for replacement or system over-sizing.

The Armstrong iFMS off-site manufactured packaged pump solution

By integrating the pumps with Armstrong’s IPS4000 Pump Controller, the entire pumping system can be managed holistically, with supply balanced across all pumps, to achieve best possible levels of efficiency by operating each pump at its optimum point to meet changing demands. The advanced technology of the Armstrong IPS4000 Pump Controller provides additional flexibility to expand the district scheme over time. As additional plant rooms are integrated into the district heating scheme over months or years, the Armstrong IPS4000 ensures that the pumps continue to adapt to accommodate the changing requirements whilst still maintaining optimum energy efficiency. This avoids the energy wastage traditionally associated with the operation of over-sized pumps in the initial stages of district energy projects.

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s offsite construction capabilities will also be demonstrated at Futurebuild. Armstrong has been a leading provider of offsite-manufactured packaged pumps and integrated plantrooms since 2004, with extensive experience in advanced 3D computer modelling. Instead of being constructed in the traditional way (with components being delivered individually and assembled on site) the integrated plantrooms are assembled, integrated and tested off-site, at Armstrong’s purpose designed factory in Halesowen. The completed plantroom or packaged plant solution is then supplied to site ready-assembled just requiring final connection. Armstrong has been fully certificated to BS EN 1090 by BSI since 2017, so customers can be confident that all Armstrong offsite-constructed products requiring certification, including our packaged plant rooms and iFMS (integrated fluid management systems), are completely compliant.

Armstrong technical specialists will also be on hand to discuss new approaches for energy upgrade projects. For example, Armstrong’s Pumps First approach makes it possible to save whilst you design the new HVAC system. The latest generation of intelligent Armstrong HVAC pumps are more accurate than traditional flow meters, and the embedded software for monitoring and reporting performance can facilitate more informed system design. So, by approaching the energy upgrade in phases, and installing the new Armstrong pumps ahead of the rest of the project, and using them to supply the necessary data, building owners and occupiers could be saving energy from day 1, month 1 of the initial discussions (rather than waiting a typical eighteen months during the design stage before securing savings).

For more information on these and other equipment solutions, come along to Stands E221 and F36 to meet the Armstrong Fluid Technology team.

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