Arktik is the cool choice

A recently established academy school in Bath has completed the construction of a new wing of classrooms to add a further 10 modern teaching spaces to its facilities. To achieve energy savings the school has opted for a RIDI system of Arktik-LED luminaires combined with absence/presence detection and daylight sensors.

Consultants at Chippenham based TDP worked alongside ES Electrical in Corsham to install a series of RIDI luminaires to the classrooms, corridors, toilets and external entrance canopy. The team also installed a number of sensors combining absence/presence detection and daylight linking functionality. This all links to DALI control gear which has a number of pre-set scenes available at the touch of a button.

“The Arktik-LED is the luminaire that heralds the arrival of LED in a standard modular lighting format and has found a natural home on this academy project,” comments Mike Attard, Managing Director of RIDI UK. “It combines stylish looks with exceptional performance and the addition of absence/presence detection, daylight sensors and lighting controls, means that the scheme delivers the ultimate in energy saving potential.”

The Arktik-LED luminaire is a 600×600 recessed fitting with a diffuser specially produced to optimise LED technology. With an output of 5200 lumens, the project only required eight luminaires per classroom offering a saving on installation costs and reducing the impact of the LED cost premium.

RIDI’s Class Control lighting management system contributed significant energy saving benefits to the academy. Combining the LED’s as an energy efficient light source with daylight linking and absence/presence sensors means artificial light is used only when necessary. This minimises any wasted light and also keeps light levels in the classrooms at the optimum level to maintain concentration and improve comfort. The DALI setup will reduce the luminous flux of artificial light depending on the intensity of natural light picked up in each classroom.

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