Arko from Fozz Lighting

Arko, from energy saving lighting specialists Fozz Lighting, is a sleek wall lamp that has been designed for both exterior or interior use.
Manufactured using die cast aluminium, the IP65 rated Arko has dimensions of 118mm x 54mm and is available in a powdered matt white, black or silver finish to complement any décor.
All the luminaires in the Fozz range combine expertise in contemporary design with energy saving potential by utilising Megaman’s energy efficient lamps.   Arko uses Megaman’s 9W GX53 lamp which is designed for discrete mounting to provide a low profile and uses a U-shaped T2 fluorescent tube to minimise dark areas and provide uniform light output.
A 2-joint ‘kiss’ ensures a more robust design that minimises the risk of breakage. An additional safety feature is the use of a fully recyclable silicone diffuser that encases the lamp, so if lamp breakage occurs, any broken glass is contained within the fitting.  Further savings can be achieved from the reduced maintenance costs, as the 9W GX53 has a long life of approximately 15,000 hours.

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