Areaflood meets requirements

Here’s the best news ever for specifiers and contractors in the general purpose floodlighting business. It’s the new Thorn Areaflood range, a complete matching series of discharge and compact fluorescent luminaires from 42W to 600W. The aluminium floodlight is based on the Champion sports projector, with an inclined front glass and integrated visor giving precise light control.

There are two sizes, with asymmetric or ‘street’ reflectors. Peak beam angles are up to 60 degrees, with a total cut off at 90 degrees. 

Areaflood is sealed to IP66 and can be supplied with integral photocell, adaptive controls, hot-restrike gear and emergency lighting. A hinged front glass, removable gear tray and aiming marker ensure simple installation and maintenance.

Accessories include optical attachments, colour filters and dedicated brackets available for all applications, including indoor swimming pools.

The precision instrument look of the new floodlights is a total break from conventional design, making Areaflood the ideal choice for users concerned with good looks as well as high performance, flexible configuration, low running costs and precise light delivery.

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