Are you sitting comfortably?

Sanyo Air Conditioners are controlling the climate of furniture retailer ScS Upholstery’s stores nationwide. Sanyo’s innovative GHP range has been deployed in the solutions designed and built by engineer Spencair Mechanical to overcome a shortfall in available power across many of the sites. Because of the GHP equipment supplied by Sanyo distributor Easyairconditioning, ScS Upholstery is now benefiting from drastically reduced energy bills, as well as tax breaks offered as part of the ECA scheme for which the Sanyo GHP range qualifies.

Due to the high lighting loads utilised in ScS Upholstery Stores, Air Conditioning is essential for a comfortable environment for customers. The store lighting and display lights not only generate high mechanical cooling loads within the store, but also place high demands on the incoming electrical supply. At some sites there was simply not enough power available to run the store and the plant simultaneously. The answer was provided by Sanyo’s Eco-Multi GHP Gas Fired 2-Pipe VRF system, capable of controlling the sales floor temperature with minimal demand on the electrical supply.

The solutions provided by Spencair Mechanical involved extensive use of Sanyo’s Gas Fired and Electric VRF equipment across all ScS Upholstery sites, generally in the form of ceiling mounted four-way cassette units. Where cassettes were not suitable for the application, ducted fan coils and a network of suitable ducting have been installed. Carl Spencer of Spencair Mechanical explains: “Sanyo products were selected due to their outstanding reliability, excellent build quality and high performance. In addition they were the only manufacturer that fulfilled all the criteria for the Gas Fired VRF Systems installed at SCS Upholstery stores. Certainly Sanyo’s technical support and backup from their distributors, in particular Easy Air Conditioning has proved to be second to none from project conception through to commissioning.”

The GHP Range is a pioneering system that utilises mains gas or LPG as its main power source and single-phase electricity for start-up and fan operation. It provides the ideal solution for operators facing a short-fall in power, but increasing demand in facilities. The Sanyo GHP range is the only product on the European market to offer simultaneous heating and cooling, single phase power supply, the option of natural gas or LPG as its power source, 100 percent heating performance at -20°C, and a choice of DX or chilled water for indoor heat exchange.

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