Reflex Winkelmann GmbH are proud to deliver both reliability and resilience in data centres

With todays relentless drive for downtime free operation, the expectation of resilience placed upon our M&E support systems becomes ever more robust. Reflex Winkelmann GmbH based in Germany with manufacturing facilities in both Germany and Poland, are proud to deliver both reliability and resilience in data centres across the globe.  The fully packaged solution means that Reflex Winkelmann GmbH is the sentinel at the heart of your system, controlling both the pressure and condition of your systems largest component…….the water.

Whether co-lo or turnkey, phased fit out or day ultimate provision, the flexibility offered by the Reflex Winkelmann GmbH range is endless.  Fully packaged plug and play skid mounted format, the multi-functional nature of the solution on offer means that pressure maintenance, hydraulic expansion,  water make-up and de-gassing (both atmospheric and/or vacuum) is taken care of in one pre-piped and pre-wired pressure assembly.

A full range of comms are also available, incorporating all of the main industry protocols.  With a range of packages available for both critical and non-critical systems from 100 kW to 150 MW and beyond, the options for both the client and design engineer alike are boundless.  Full design support for the engineer, to client witness testing and  IST attendance and FM training on site, the Reflex Winkelmann GmbH package is concept to completion.

We have been producing solutions for more than 100 years, with both innovation and excellence at the heart of all that we do.  Full touchscreen technology, and remote system interfacing via smartphone are all possible with the Reflex Winkelmann GmbH solutions package.

A variety of operational modes from master/slave to isolated, flexi, and compound control are all options to allow flexibility of design and operation.  Used by providers globally, the Reflex Winkelmann GmbH solutions offer has been developed with operators requirements and engineers expectations in mind.  Atmospheric spilling means no more high multiple low acceptance fixed cushion vessels saving both space and maintenance on-cost, tight pressure control means no more costly unfettered water-makeup which in turn leads to less system corrosion which if left unchecked decreases system efficiency whilst increasing life cycle costs. Vacuum de-gassing ensuring virtually gas free system water, speeding up the commissioning process, eliminating system noise all ensuring that both your system and system water are kept in optimum condition.

The Reflex Winkelmann GmbH data centre project team have more than 30 years experience of working under the terms of the most stringent NDA conditions ensuring that your privacy and the commercial integrity of your project is protected at all times.  A full documentation and drawings service only adds to the overall offer.  So whatever your needs, wherever they are in the world remember


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