Aquatherm boards luxury liner

Efficient hot and cold water supplies are on tap for more than 3,000 passengers and 1,200 crew aboard the UK’s latest superliner, P&O Cruises’ Ventura. Aquatherm’s Fusiotherm pipe system serves all 15 decks on the huge ship, making this the largest Fusiotherm system afloat, and one of the largest installations worldwide. The lightweight polypropylene piping offers significant advantages over traditional steel and copper systems.  
“Fusiotherm is an ideal cost effective solution for Ventura,” says Aquatherm Director Steve Smith. “It weighs considerably less than similar metal piping, and on a ship of this size that translates to substantial savings on dead weight. The polypropylene pipe and connectors are fusion-welded for permanent performance. In addition, Fusiotherm resists corrosion by seawater and other aggressive media, so it will be a long-lasting solution. And with low heat loss characteristics, Fusiotherm means hot water is always hot – and less energy is needed to maintain the temperature.”   
The 115,000 ton Ventura was built in Italy and sailed on her maiden voyage in April, after a spectacular naming ceremony at her home port, Southampton. “The ship sets new standards for the cruise industry, and Aquatherm now leads the way in oceanic hot and cold water services,” says Steve Smith.

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