Apprentice scheme is key to success

Whilst many economists fear unemployment will rise when government cuts begin to kick in, SES remains resilient in its recruitment strategy to proactively produce a continuous flow of young plumbers, electricians, mechanical engineers and project managers, with site-ready skills, to work within its business.

SES believes that there has never been a more important time to invest in the future of young people in the construction industry, and has selected a further 22 youngsters from local schools around the country to join its award winning Advanced Modern Apprentice Programme.

This brings the total number of apprentices inducted into the construction industry by SES to 175 in the last five years. Aged from 16 to 22, recruits are trained in all aspects of heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical installation at Leeds College of Building.

Richard Leese, Mechanical Tutor from Leeds College of Building said: “This programme equips the apprentices with the training, knowledge and practical experience they need to make it in the building services industry. Over a four year period, they participate in a specifically customised course developed by SES, which provides them with the right balance of theory and hands-on experience.”

Demand for apprenticeship places in the construction industry today has outstripped supply by approximately 15-1, with more youngsters than ever looking to learn a skilled trade.

Driving the SES apprenticeship agenda is Lisa Stevenson, HR Director for SES, who said: “We have a clear strategy as far as recruitment and development is concerned. We focus on thinking, strategic planning and making long term decisions about our future workforce. This is the real key to our success.

“Bringing talented individuals into our business and giving them a satisfying and rewarding career is part of our long term commitment to the industry. It is all about investing in the future.”

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