Another success for Humidity Solutions’ HomEvap in ACR News Awards 2021

Humidity Solutions is delighted to have won the best Ancillary Air Conditioning Product of the Year award 2021 for their HomEvap – a low energy humidifier/cooler – at the recent ACR News Awards.

Fitted to an air stream such as a Heat Recovery Unit, the HomEvap Humidifier connects inline to provide humidity-controlled air to space. Using the adiabatic evaporative process, the water wastage is low, as is the energy usage. A built-in heater can warm the air to overcome the cooling effect if required.

The HomEvap Cooler can be fitted to the warm air extract prior to the HRU so that in this instance the cooling effect is transferred to the incoming air without the humidity, providing up to 2kw of cooling for 20w of energy.

This innovative humidifier from HomEvap increases human comfort, protects materials such as musical instruments, wooden flooring etc, and ensures a healthy indoor climate.

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