Andrews Provides Chilled Out Music

Cello Music instruments on a stage

Hire of a 50kW chiller coupled to air handling units enabled Andrews Chiller Hire to achieve and maintain the correct temperature within a temporary music rooms at a South East University whilst the main Music Hall underwent major internal renovation.  Achieving the perfect environment ensured students could actively continue on their music degree courses, uninterrupted.

Fluctuations in temperature ultimately affect humidity, which can be a complicating factor when examining the effect of increases in temperature on musical instruments. Both reed and stringed instruments suffer, not only affecting the actual sound but also minute delays in timing. In stringed instruments such as violins higher temperatures decrease the tension in the string, changing the way the bow pulls on each string. In reed instruments, such as an organ, the dimension of the pipes change, altering the sound.

For degree course students these changes may have an unnerving experience, therefore the University needed to ensure that the new temporary music rooms could maintain a constant environment.

As a leading chiller hire specialist, Andrews Sykes has a broad knowledge and considerable experience in providing solutions that will reduce and stabilise temperatures.  It also operates with one of the large ranges of chillers which ensures it can cope with any situations and with a nation-wide network of depots a solutions is always close at hand..

When contacted by the SE England University a same-day site survey was conducted and it was decided that the Andrews 50kW chiller and a number air handling units would create the perfect temperature controlled environment.  The units were commissioned for use within hours of arrival on site, allowing the University to achieve and maintain the optimum playing conditions inside the temporary music rooms.  As the campus has considerable foot traffic, care was taken to keep the hoses above head height to eliminated trip hazards.

Andrews Chiller Hire 50kW

The Andrews 50kW fluid air chiller circulates chilled water to each of the air handling units.  Warm air from the music rooms is drawn into the lower portion of the air handling units, then passes over the ‘cold’ coils resulting in a drop in temperature, the cooler air is then gently blown back into room from the top vents.  Since temperature change will depend on air flow, air temperature and humidity, the Andrews Chiller solutions had to adjust automatically to these variants.

The campus maintenance team and lectures alike where delighted with the results achieved by Andrews Chiller Hire, it created the perfect temporary cooling solution that ran through-out the length of renovation works.  It gave the University effective climate control, enabling all music courses to continue without any disruption.

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