Andrews launch SOLARflo

Andrews Water Heaters is launching a renewable technology based solution – indirect solar hot water heating solutions for commercial applications as a complete ready-to-install package. SOLARflo comprises glazed flat plate solar collectors, roof mountings, a duplex stainless steel hot water cylinder, control unit, pump station, expansion vessels, and first fill of water/glycol solar heat transfer fluid.
The SOLARflo package can be installed with an Andrews primary heating appliance such as the MAXXflo condensing storage water heater, a continuous direct-fired condensing water heater or a commercial condensing boiler. The primary heating appliance can also be supplied as part of the package for new-build and refurbishment projects.

The glazed flat plate aluminium tray solar collectors have a 4mm thick durable clear solar glass transparent cover and a gross collector area of 2.55m2. This results in a high transmission efficiency of approximately 91%, a high absorption efficiency of around 95% and low emission loss of 5%. The SOLARflo solar collectors will carry a 10 year guarantee for factory faults.

The SOLARflo cylinder, supplied by sister company Heatrae Industrial, has a non-corrosive duplex stainless steel water chamber for longer life.

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