An open and shut case for Luceco lighting the new Prosecution Building in Dubai

Luceco and energy partner Multimission Technical Services have recently supplied LED luminaires for the new Dubai Prosecution Building, part of the Dubai Courts. The building was designed in a contemporary and distinctive architectural style overlooking the banks of the Dubai Creek and reflects the development taking place in the area.


Function areas and customer experience centre were lit with LuxFrame luminaires providing a significant décor element as well as illumination to the architectural interior spaces. LuxFrame is installed around the ceiling tile maintaining the integrity of the ceiling or can be suspended as a stylish pendant.


VIP offices and executive corridors were illuminated with linear arrays of Contour luminaires, creating seamless runs of cost effective LED lighting with the added benefit of 100,000 hours maintenance free operational life.  Platinum and Palladium downlights were used for circulation spaces and IP65 rated robust Climate weatherproof fittings were used in service rooms & car parking areas with Atlas bulkheads used for the amenity applications.


Whilst meeting energy efficiency and cost effectiveness criteria, the luminaires will also be part of the contemporary and architectural interior décor of the building, an open and shut case in favour of well-engineered luminaires enhancing the lit environment at the new Prosecution Building in Dubai.



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