An expert when you need one

There are many occasions when we have all wished that we had access to an expert opinion and this is something that Grundfos have looked to address.  Today by simply visiting the Grundfos for Engineers hub you can get access to a range of helpful aids and assistance to help you in your working life, as well as hearing from Grundfos experts on how to approach key applications.

By visiting this site you can listen to on-line tutorials – from a range of Grundfos product experts that cover topics including: heating systems; boiler feed sensors; temperature controls and motors to mention just some of the focus areas.

While you are there make sure to check out the wide range of other support materials, including a     portfolio of white papers. These have been designed to be a handy reference as each paper has been carefully developed to get right to the heart of the chosen topic and to break it down so that it is easy to extract the information that will benefit you.  Themes covered include: water supply in tall buildings, the digital impact on industry, proportional pressure control and refrigeration & cooling.

Check it out for yourself and see why this Grundfos hub is recognised as being specifically engineered for engineers.








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