All set for emergencies

Building on its popularity as an effective and efficient commercial lighting option, RIDI Lighting’s wall mounted Corona luminaire now features an integral three hour emergency battery option.  Previously unavailable in the UK, the new CORONA-LUMO now provides Corona users with an invaluable time cushion, with no loss of light, in the event of a power failure.
The eye-catching circular design of the Corona is simple and attractive yet hugely functional in lighting core areas such as stairwells and corridors.  Emitting its highest intensity light in a longitudinal direction – say, along the length of a corridor – Corona is able to achieve greater spacing between lamps than conventional wall mounted lighting.  Combined with the new emergency function, this makes Corona-Lumo a cost effective as well as safe commercial lighting solution.
Incorporating an energy efficient, circular fluorescent T5 40W lamp as the key element in its striking visual design, the Corona lamp is available with a range of shade and decorative options, to suit a variety of applications. 

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