Alex MacDonald Award now in second year

The Alex MacDonald award for MSc Lift Engineering students at the University of Northampton is now in its second year.

The Award, launched in 2020 by LECS (UK) in association with the University, aims to recognise the highest quality and innovative masters degree dissertation in lift engineering.

LECS UK, a leading independent vertical transportation consultancy, introduced the award last year in memory of its colleague, Alex MacDonald. The Award is now presented annually for an outstanding dissertation submitted by the MSc Lift Engineering students to the University of Northampton.

Eur Ing Dave Cooper, of LECS UK said: “As an engineering consultant working in this area for 35+ years, I am a keen supporter of ongoing education, research and bringing new blood into the industry. This award aims to encourage all MSc students to push the boundaries in thought and research developments through their MSc dissertation.”

Professor Stefan Kaczmarczyk, postgraduate programme leader for lift engineering at the University of Northampton, said: “Now in its second year, this annual award helps inspire and motivate our MSc students to achieve their academic and professional goals and provides a platform to recognise these achievements.”

Last year, the inaugural award was presented jointly to two dissertations. One dissertation considered the use of IoT technology to enable earlier identification and monitoring of faults on lifts, and the other dissertation examined how to increase energy efficiency of lifts by applying machine learning concepts to the selection of the journey profile and the sequence for allocating the calls.

Alex Mac Donald, 29, was an outstanding engineer and a true professional.

LECS UK is a leading independent vertical transportation engineering consultancy. It has delivered some of the world’s most exciting projects to include London’s only public transport cable car, the large-scale US$40 million renovation of the Armenian Marriott Hotel, Yerevan as well as the development of Queensway Quay, Gibraltar.


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