Airedale launches DeltaChill

Airedale has launched a brand new range of high efficiency air cooled R410A chillers, the DeltaChill. A compact, quiet and highly efficient chiller, the DeltaChill has excellent part load efficiencies and configuration flexibility, as well as easy maintenance access.

Optional EC fan technology integrated with smart control logic such as interactive head pressure setpoint management and compressor sequencing raises the DeltaChill’s seasonal efficiency ESEERs to over 4.5.

Offering 100 to 450kW nominal cooling capacities across 42 models, the Deltachill delivers an adaptable cooling solution for a wide range of close control, comfort and process applications. Configuration flexibility enables selection of the optimum model in terms of capacity, number of fans, pump sets, energy efficiency and sound.

The DeltaChill features a distinctive V frame, modular, coil-fan arrangement which substantially improves part load performance and control and allows easy access to all components so facilitating installation, service and maintenance. The V frame configuration also means that the pumps are located below the condensers and can easily be maintained while the system is running.

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