Air purifiers with both HEPA and Ultraviolet (UV)

Jasun Envirocare has seen a lot of interest from schools and office managers as well as medical facilities where higher occupancy rates are putting strains on existing ventilation levels for their new range of room air purifiers.

The COPPA room air purifier offers five stages of filtration as well as real time monitoring for PM2.5 particles.

Jasun Envirocare has launched the range of air purifiers designed to protect against particulate, virus, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Firstly, a coarse filter layer for larger particles and secondly a fine layer providing protection against damaging PM2.5 particles. These layers are followed by a unique woven copper layer. Copper is a proven anti-viral, anti-bacterial agent and is very effective at reducing risk. This is followed by an activated carbon layer and finally the unit has an ultraviolet (UV) plenum.

The COPPA units offer automated airflow management, increasing flow when PM2.5 particles in the air exceed safe levels and reducing again when they don’t. This extends the life of the filter and makes the unit very quiet.

The COPPA unit currently comes in one size which is suitable for floor footprints of up to 50m², with a new larger unit coming soon. For larger rooms we currently recommend using multiples of units.

Jasun also offers room ventilation adequacy assessments which offer peace of mind for employees and visitors.  This service has been customer driven.

Details of these units can be found at

Jasun Envirocare Plc is one of the UK’s oldest air filter manufacturers and will celebrate its 50thanniversary next year.

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