Aico donates more than £50,000 to charity

Aico, a leader in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection products, donated more than £53,000 to charity last year, with 70 charities benefitting and over half going to organisations in the Shropshire area, including Oswestry where Aico’s premises are located. The charities were nominated by Aico employees.

Rosalyn Morris, Finance & Operations Director at Aico, said: “We try to give something back to our immediate community every year, as well as to national charities that our staff identify as important to them. Giving something back to the charities that matter to everyone at Aico is really important to us and something we are very proud of.” AICO-OPEN-DAY-1135

In addition to the direct charitable contributions made by the company, Aico staff are also very active individually raising money for charity, from cake sales to sponsored events.

2015 sees Aico’s 25th anniversary. The company has grown from a handful of people when it first started to 52 staff and has become the market leader in mains powered domestic smoke alarms

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