Affordable thermal imaging

FLIR Systems has opened up the thermal imaging market to everyone with the introduction of a fully featured thermal imaging camera for £895.00, the lowest price available by far. The FLIR i3 is a great device for the first time user who wants to inspect or monitor the health of electrical and mechanical systems or even a building.

This technology can be applied to all manner of applications and its potential is huge. It allows the user to spot a problem before it becomes a failure and possibly a risk. A bad connection in an electrical circuit is a good example.

The pre and post repair information that the FLIR i3 can provide is exceptionally valuable and of course the thermal imaging camera can also be used to look at heating systems, a leaking roof, condensation build-up and insulation problems. The list is endless.

The reason why the FLIR i3 has been able to break through the £1,000 price barrier is simply down to economy of scale. FLIR Systems is active across a range of markets and produces more thermal imaging cameras than any other manufacturer.

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