AET joins new air mission

Advanced Ergonomic Technologies (AET) has recently united with the Italian air conditioning manufacturer, Primaria, to provide its New Air heating and cooling solution, integrating heat pump and heat recovery technologies for ultra-high efficiency building services applications.

Exclusively available in the UK and the Middle East through AET, Primaria’s New Air range is ideal for a wide choice of commercial and public building applications, which require clean, healthy and low carbon heating, cooling and ventilation.

“New Air is a system that offers exceptionally efficient and controlled tempered fresh air for optimum energy savings,” says Glan Blake Thomas, Managing Director at AET. “It represents a breakthrough over conventional heat recovery ventilation, proving a more efficient performance, reduced carbon emissions and lower fuel bills. We’re confident that the approach will appeal strongly to consultants, contractors and clients.” 

The New Air system recovers the thermal energy of exhaust air that would otherwise be wasted to outside. Stale air is extracted from the space by the unit’s centrifugal fan while another fan draws in clean air from the outside.

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