Aesthetic Updates Made to the Swegon GLOBAL Range

Since October 2021, the units in Swegon’s GLOBAL AHU range have been updated to synchronise with the flagship GOLD range of units with new colour, logos and labels.

In addition to a better coherence of the GLOBAL range, this new finish also ensures a better aesthetic representation for projects where the units are immediately visible.

GLOBAL is an ideal one-piece air handling unit for small and medium-size air volumes. With short delivery times and easy, user-friendly commissioning no advanced specialist knowledge is required.

The series of energy efficient and robust air handling units are developed for installation engineers who have projects needing a cost-effective solution and a short delivery time – without compromising on efficiency and usability. The updated TAC6 integrated control and regulating equipment makes start-up easy, while operational maintenance is minimal e.g. filter replacement, which is indicated by a service alarm. With this air handling unit, the end user gets a good indoor climate at an economical price point.

Depending on the area of application and the specific on-site requirements, the GLOBAL range can be operated on the basis of constant pressure, constant airflow or via a 0–10V control system. The integrated control system ensures that operation is always well balanced. The GLOBAL range boasts sufficiently high reserve pressure, constant airflow and demand control, with constant airflow linked to a 0–10 V signal.

Just like GOLD, the more economical GLOBAL range is available in several variants with different heat exchangers, meaning you will find one that suits your project needs. For more information on our GLOBAL range, head to:

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