Aermec’s new way to cool

Aermec UK Ltd has raised the bar in chiller design. Its new stackable water-cooled modular chiller offers a small footprint and enables cooling capacities to be increased over time to suits changing requirements.

Suitable for indoor installation for medium to large air conditioning applications in residential and commercial buildings, the WWM offers dual circuit units, reversible water side with hermetic scroll compressors and source side plate exchanger.

Ease of maintenance has not been overlooked, the WWM also provides total accessibility; the refrigerant components can easily be reached as they are located in a draw that slides out from the front for easy service and maintenance.

A maximum of 32 chillers can be linked together and can be stacked on two levels offering flexible layout options and keeping the overall unit dimensions to a minimum.

Cooling capacities can be increased easily and affordably by simply adding extra modules. The modular concept also offers component redundancy; work can be carried out on a module without it impacting any other unit.

Each unit is completely enclosed, sound proofed and delivers the quietest sound levels in the industry.


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