Aereco’s intelligent unit

At a time when both the private and public sectors are looking for efficient ventilation solutions for the new generation of air-tight buildings, Aereco is introducing the BXC extract unit for Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV). The Aereco BXC extract unit is the latest innovation from Aereco, the inventor of humidity sensitive demand controlled ventilation systems.

It is a multi-functional extract unit that provides optimum indoor air quality in a highly energy efficient manner.

The BXC unit also has a host of superlative features. Airflow levels can be set at the time of installation to adapt to specific requirements to compensate for lack of pressure down to 60 Pa. Commissioning is also improved by the presence of a pressure plug that allows measurements to be taken and enables easy calculation of the airflow.

The occupant benefits from a range of useful functions on the BXC which includes a modulated airflow set automatically according to the local relative humidity rate; presence detection with the option to delay boost activation; switch (pushbutton boost activation) or remote control to manually boost the extracted airflow.

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