Adveco Packaged E-Hot Water System

The Adveco Packaged E-Hot Water System is a prefabricated all-electric water heating system with FPi Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) to provide commercial sites with a highly efficient, low carbon hot water system.

The Adveco Packaged E-Hot Water System addresses project limitations by creating a standardised external plant room with essential building services already located within it. The unit leverages all the advantages of off-site construction to provide a resilient environmentally friendly, low carbon, hot water system that helps reduce both a building’s energy consumption and operational costs across its lifetime.

The system comprises an inverter-driven Adveco FPi-9 ASHP mounted on the outside of a reinforced wall of the GRP housing, and inside, an Adveco 200L GLC indirect preheat tank. This preheated water is transferred into an Adveco 200L GLE direct electric water heater that provides reliable high-temperature water from a compact and convenient form factor that can be easily located on a site.

Adveco’s Packaged E-Hot Water System makes full use of the FPi-9 ASHP to provide the system preheat from 10°C to 50°C, supplying 70% of the DHW load. As the coefficient of performance (COP) will often be determined by the characteristics of the hot water system installation and set-up, opting for a prefabricated system ensures the electricity invested in order to run the ASHP and heat transferred from the evaporator to the condenser is optimised.

By offsetting 70% of the energy requirement, the Packaged E-Hot Water System can demonstrate a 47% reduction in energy demands and CO² emissions for the same output of 500,000 litres of hot water each year when compared with a similar direct electric only system. The reduced energy demand also means operational savings can be added to the capital savings secured during the design, supply, and installation phases.

A completely new specification that lowers the heat intensity, without detrimental effect to the demands for hot water, means the Packaged E-Hot Water System is also more resistant to scale, reducing maintenance demands. For sites where hot water is business critical, an additional 6kW immersion heater in the GLE provides backup should there ever be a failure of the lead heat source.

Adveco’s Packaged E-Hot Water System is ideal for a wide range of commercial properties with regular hot water demands such as restaurants and boutique hotels, offices and schools. The system is perfect for both new build and refurbishment where space is at a premium.

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