Adveco Celebrates 50 Years of Expert Engineering

2021 is a milestone for Adveco, the Hampshire-based specialists in commercial hot water, heating and low carbon applications. This year the company celebrates its 50th anniversary at a time when the industry is undergoing seismic changes as the call to achieve net-zero resounds around the nation.

Originally established as Advance Services (Sales) Ltd. in October 1971 by Daniel O’Sullivan, the company soon became the UK distributor for A.O. Smith, then sole official partner in 1998, with the company being known and trading as A.O. Smith Water Heaters (Adveco AWP) Ltd. In 2015, the company began offering an expanded range of complementary products under its own Adveco brand. This independent approach has proven to be extremely popular with customers, enabling the business to provide a far wider portfolio of select, high-quality product. Whilst Adveco can provide off the shelf product, most of its work today is bespoke.

Working in close co-operation with consultants, specifiers and designers, contractors and facility managers, Adveco specialises in developing, manufacturing and supplying technologies, applications and systems that provision commercial hot water, heating and low carbon & sustainable systems for the built environment. This means correctly sizing application and system demands to make optimal product recommendations, all supplied with manufacturer grade after-sales support. Adveco chooses or designs products to be as highly efficient as possible, reducing operational costs and cutting or completely removing harmful CO and Noₓ emissions. Both are a critical requirement for organisations, the latter in particular, as they strive to introduce greater sustainability on the route to achieving net-zero.

To this end, Adveco provides a full range of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), solar thermal and heat recovery systems, as well as a full portfolio of commercial gas and electric water heaters, boilers, versatile buffers, thermal storage and ancillaries.

One of the company’s defining product ranges is its bespoke and pre-sized Packaged Plant Rooms. These weatherproof GRP structures are designed and then built offsite and delivered ready for rapid installation when space is at a premium. The e-Hot Water System variant, which utilises Adveco’s FPi-9 ASHP, provides a standardised, resilient, environmentally friendly, low carbon, hot water system that helps reduce both a building’s energy consumption and operational costs across its lifetime.

This 50th anniversary year sees the company embracing major modernisation projects with enhanced logistics, manufacturing and training facilities being developed to deliver improved service and support. A long-term innovator in commercial water-heating technology, Adveco continues to explore new technology options. One of the greatest advantages of being independent is that it enables Adveco to create new technical partnerships that allow it to be quick on the uptake of new, or more relevant technologies. All while continuing to leverage its own deep technical experience to further expand current product ranges and introduce new appliances designed specifically for the UK market. These include new additions to Adveco’s fast growing portfolio of heat pumps for commercial applications, as well as designing new hybrid systems that take best advantage of this and other technology which will all be available under the singular Adveco brand.


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