Adveco AD: Tough, Highly Efficient Commercial Water Heating

With each water heater composed of one to four 70 kW heat exchangers, the AD range offers appliances from 70kW up to 280 kW. This approach optimises the supplied output (up to 160 litres/minute) ensuring maximum efficiency when providing DHW. Models with multiple integrated heat exchangers offer load balancing for optimal long-life operation and inbuilt redundancy guaranteeing continuity of service. Built from titanium-stabilised stainless steel, the AD’s heat exchangers are also able to work in direct contact with soft, softened and chlorinated mains water.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco said, “The stainless-steel construction of the AD range’s heat exchangers is the perfect response to counter the concerns of corrosion in soft, or softened water applications. Compact, lightweight yet still powerful, the AD’s patented space-saving design makes it equally applicable for both new projects or renovation work where a lack of space would traditionally stall or quickly drive up costs of a project.”

Tough and efficient, AD water heaters are equipped with premix burners made of Fecralloy metal fibre providing a large modulation range with excellent functionality at extremely high temperatures. Incorporating the premix burner enables the AD to operate with a combustion efficiency of 106%, requiring less gas, making it more cost-effective, plus reducing harmful NOX and CO emissions.

The AD range can be configured to operate in a cascade of up to eight water heaters. with controllers providing full temperature control and self-check maintenance functions. Each controller also accommodates 0-10 input, MODBUS communication, and alarm output for seamless system integration.

The AD range is available for natural gas or LPG and provided with a five-year warranty on AISI 316Ti heat exchangers.


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