Advantages of magnet drive pumps

So why would you want to choose a magnetic drive pump? They are a suitable pump if the application in question requires the complete containment of the process fluid being pumped. For a magnetic drive pump, instead of having a shaft that passes through the body of the pump, which requires a dynamic seal, the pump has one assembly of magnets attached to the shaft of the motor and a second assembly of magnets attached to the impeller inside the pump body.  When the motor rotates, the magnetic field generated between the two magnets means that the impeller turns in the pump body. The liquid to be pumped is therefore contained within the hermetically sealed pump housing without the risk of any leaks from the shaft seal.

Advantages of magnet drive pumps:

  • Very low risk of fluid emissions from the pump
  • Low maintenance seal less design
  • No pump to motor alignment problems
  • Quick wet end and pump head service replacement

Established in 1971, March May Limited was formed as an authorised distributor of magnetic drive pumps from March Manufacturing Inc. in the USA. Today, based in Cambridgeshire, March May is proud to be one of the few remaining British pump manufacturers. Recognised globally as a company that prides itself on its core product values: quality, high performance, reliability, longevity, safety and cost. It specialises in the design of seal-less magnetic drive pumps, which are manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

March May Limited supplies pumps for the following key markets and industries: Beverage, Brewing, Chemical, Chillers, Condensate, Cooling, Energy, Heat, Hydro-sonics, Medical, Marine, Refrigeration, Scrubbers, Surface Coating and Water treatment. It has a pump for almost every application and for more information please visit

As a global market provider with approximately 30% of its sales to overseas customers, March May Ltd is one of the UK’s leading supplier of close coupled magnetic drive pumps. The main types of metallic and non-metallic magnetic drive pumps March May manufacture or distribute are centrifugal (single & multistage), regenerative turbine, rotary vane and external and internal gear pumps. Many of these can be supplied with full ATEX approval and various models can be offered that are self-priming. Also, the company offer a range of mechanically sealed vertical spindle pumps

The Company’s large product range is complimented by partnerships with other respected global pump manufacturers:

  • March Manufacturing Inc. (USA),
  • Gruppo Aturia SpA (who manufacture the Rotos range of pumps) (Italy),
  • Pan World Co. Ltd (Japan)
  • Savino Barbera srl (Italy).
  • Ebara pumps Europe SpA

In addition, it can offer pumps from many other well-known global brands.

Over the years, March May has invested significantly in research and development. With its highly qualified engineering, design, research and development team, and using the latest 3D Solidworks and CAD/CAM technology, a fully equipped workshop and highly skilled technicians, it can react quickly to meet a customer’s pump application requirements.

The UK manufacturing facility includes a range of the newest injection moulding machines and manufacturing of all plastic parts for its pumps is carried out in-house to ensure the highest standards of quality are achieved and maintained. March May recently invested in a state of the art Hurco 3D machining centre to further support growth in new product design whilst also being an additional asset to the already well-equipped factory. There is also an in-house well-equipped research and pump test laboratory that allows the development, prototyping and test of bespoke products.

It is the Company’s aim to offer the very best customer experience every time and it holds large component stocks to ensure fast lead times. Its own products are constructed around an innovative modular design allowing interchangeability of many components which offers product versatility and reduces manufacturing lead times. Many products can be despatched within 24 hours of an order being received.

March May featured in the 2017/2018 Parliamentary Review issue relating to Engineering as a Specialist Engineering and Consultancy business. March May showcased its best practices and demonstrated how as outstanding leaders in their field they had responded to the challenges of industry today.

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